48V 17Ah Battery for Electric Bike MX03

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48V 17Ah Lithium-ion Portable Battery for Sheng Milo Electric Bike MX03


  • Powerful Battery: The 48V 17Ah reliable high-density removable lithium battery, ensures the safety of the electric system.
  • Charging Time and Cruising Range: About 5 hours. The single charge power can provide up to 70-80 km of auxiliary driving.
  • Convenient and Safe: The battery weighs about 3kgs, can be locked, taken out, and charged at home and office.


  • This electric bicycle battery matches the electric bike Sheng Milo MX03.
  • The e-bike battery should be promptly charged, the suggested charging voltage 54.6V, charging is finished when the red light is off and the green light is on.
  • Do not over-discharge the battery, over-discharge will harm the battery badly, discharge voltage should not be lower than 39V.
  • In case of the wastage of power during storage and transportation, the battery should be recharged before use.


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