Cloudwheel Kit for H5/H20 Electric Skateboard

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120mm Cloudwheel Kit for Teewing H5/H20 Electric Skateboard

The specification of this Cloudwheel is 120mm

The Cloudwheel is configured in Orange/Blue/Black.


 Cloudwheel Kit for Teewing H5/H20 Electric Skateboard





Exclusive Patent DFC Damping Technology

CLOUDWHEEL Donut has an exclusive patented DFC damping technology, which can filter most of the vibration compared with the traditional PU wheel.

This is a major innovation in the history of skateboarding wheel. 30% bigger than normal PU hub motor sleeves, making your ride unobstructed.


Great Increase in Speed

120mm diameter all-terrain wheel can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 6mph compared with normal 90mm tread speed.


Redefining The Limit Of Shock Absorption

Excellent shock absorption effect is achieved in limited space!

Better adapt to the rough road, greatly reduce the bumpy feeling of riding, and bring you a comfortable riding experience.


Better Appearance, More Strength

CLOUDWHEEL Donut not only pursues excellent shock absorption, but also brings better appearance.


Product Specifications: 120H

Diameter: 120mm

Width: 64mm

Hardness: 78A

Color: sky blue, marmalade orange and obsidian black

Tread Type: Special multi-step tread pattern



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